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                      TEL : 0086-573-86052600 0086-13586367027
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                      Company Profile

                      HAIYAN GETE HARDWARE CO.,LTD

                      HAIYAN GETE HARDWARE CO.,LTD is a bolt and screw manufacturer and full-line hardware and fastener supplier located in Haiyan, Zhejiang, China.

                      Our bolt product mainly include Carriage Bolt, Track Bolt, Hex Flange Bolt, Hex Bolt, Concrete Anchor Bolt, T bolt, Square Head Bolt and  Hex Socket Bolt, While our screw product includes Wood screws, Self Tapping screws, Deck screws, Sheet metal screws, Self drilling screws, Chipboard screws, Drywall screws, Dowel screws and Concrete screws.

                      We have a fully well-trained group of employees,and we always try our best to supply our customers with exceptional reliability service and quality on the industrial hardware and fastener products of competitive price  
                      We have much experience on the small box and small bag packing systems and can satisfy different requirement .

                      HAIYAN GETE HARDWARE CO.,LTD also supplys special products and hardware parts according to our customers’ samples and drawings

                      Firmly supported by a fully experienced sales and engineering team, we can help you to find the exact hardware and fastener product that you plan to buy.